[HNW] framing/mounting a needlework piece

Chris Laning claning at igc.org
Thu Dec 7 09:01:55 PST 2006

Alex wrote:
>What should I watch out for?  types of frammes?  Mattes?

Catherine wrote:
>Sounds like you have a beautiful heirloom piece from your mother.  I
>would suggest acid-free matte board both to mount and frame the piece,
>and UV-protectant glass.  I've seen some debate about using glass as it
>does not allow air circulation or vacuming.  If there is to be any
>exposure to sunlight I recommend it however.

All the cardboard/paper that touches the cloth should be acid-free for best results. The cloth should also _not_ touch the wood frame directly, since that's another source of the acid that attacks cloth. (This is one reason you do want a mat.) This may also involve putting some sort of barrier around the edges of the stretched embroidery to keep it from touching the frame there.

Glass does protect against dust, another enemy of cloth, and UV protection is a good idea too. The way the "pros" do it is to stretch the needlework on acid-free mat board, put a mat in front of it, add the frame and glass, secure the whole thing together, AND then paste paper over the back of the whole thing to keep dust out. Since it's paper, it also "breathes" and so you won't have trouble with moisture condensing on the inside of the glass in a humid climate.

Also, if your needlework isn't signed, it's nice to write on the back of the mounting board, or insert a loose slip of paper before you seal up the back, saying who made it, when, where, and any other information you think your great-grandchildren would like to know :)

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