[HNW] Schuette - A Pictorial History

FaCS littlefallsteacher at frontiernet.net
Thu Dec 14 03:24:56 PST 2006

As long as I have had this much luck (and I really think it is the same as 
the Art of Embroidery, but I won't know until this weekend),
what is the title of Christie?    I just can't think of it right now.

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From: "Satine De La Courcel"
> That is a nearly IMPOSSIBLE book to get ahold of! Best wishes!!!!!! GOOD
> LUCK!!! keepign fingers crossed!    Satine
>>From: "littlefallsteacher at frontiernet.net"
>><littlefallsteacher at frontiernet.net>
>>My home library (which is the center research facility fo rthe
>>Adirondacks in upstate NY) says they have this in, and have put it
>>aside for me.
>>Everyone please cross your fingers that it is the book we all so often

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