[HNW] Schuette - A Pictorial History

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There are still French copies available from alapage in France. The copy I received was new, but slightly musty: they had been stored in a warehouse for many many years before being found and offered by alapage. I believe the copyright date in mine is 1963 (but it's at home, and I'm not, so don't quote me on that.) It IS in French. 

Currently they are available for 52,14 euros, which at the moment converts to about $69.00.  You'll need someone who speaks rudimentary french to navigate the checkout process, but 3 years ago I didn't have a horrible time of it. The URL for the book is here: http://tinyurl.com/ym65sq

The title in french is "La Broiderie", S. Muller-Christensen & Marie Schuette 

~Happy hunting!

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>Sometimes OWNING a Schuette isn't beyond the realm of possibility. I 
>regularly see copies for sale through bookfinder.com and abebooks.com. I once saw a 
>copy on Ebay where bidding started at $99 (it eventuallywent up to the $300s, 
>though) A few years back several embroiderers in the East snagged French copies 
>for around $100. There were plenty of us with English versions who made copies 
>of the text for them. Finally, keep in mind that the book was also published 
>under the title "Art of Embroidery," and you can sometimes find copies of 
>those for sale.

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