[HNW] Plagiarism

Jenn Ridley jridley at chartermi.net
Mon Jan 9 07:15:50 PST 2006

On Mon, 09 Jan 2006 10:05:34 -0500, "Radei Drchevich"
<radei at moscowmail.com> wrote:

>  -- Plagiarism: Failure to adorn stolen ideas with footnotes, as
>  opposed to scholarship, which repeatedly acknowledges the theft.
>  -- Bayan, Rick; The Cynic's Dictionary, 2002
>  I think of it not so much Plagiarism, as Recycling. --  Nickolii
>  Ivanovich Lobechevski

If I recall correctly, it's research, not recycling.  "only be sure to
call it, please, research."  Nikolai Lobachevski

Anastasia Emilianova
Jenn Ridley :  jridley at chartermi.net

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