[HNW] Fleece

Cozit / Liz imcozit at verizon.net
Tue Jan 10 20:22:28 PST 2006

Depends entirely on *how* period you need to look/be.  For SCA, go for 
it.  The look isn't *too* far off from a nice fulled wool (and goodness 
knows I haven't been able to find the *good* chamois cotton flannel I've 
used in the past over the last 3 years, unfortunately).  *And* the 
requirement is for an "attempt" at period only.

However, if it's for another use where you're required to look right (a 
renaissance faire, or more strict historical event), then check with 
whoever is in charge to see if what you've picked will work or not.

I know I'll be trying to find a wool alternative soon, myself.  I'm 
allergic to wool (yes, really... been through that discussion too many 
times in the last 15 years, please don't argue folks)... and the cotton 
chamois flannel looked right, but is starting to show wear (it was 
mistaken for another, similar truly wool cloak on two occasions, until 
picked up :-)


>From: "Radei Drchevich" <radei at moscowmail.com>
>Would fleece make the right look for a period cloak?  I know my fleece is acrylic, but is the fabric going to look right.  IE: was cotton fleece available/used in the 13th century?  any thoughts?
>input appreciated.  thanx

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