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The nearest place where cotton was available for europeans in the thirteenth century was Egypt. It was and is 
the producere of the best quality cotton in the world. Some say this isn't so. There cotton makes the highest prize 
on the world market. That should say something. Cotton fabric/garments/yarn must have been among the items 
which came to europe with returning crusaders. There is a cloth called fustein. It was made of a linnen weave 
and a cotton went. To reduce the prize of the finished product? If cotton was avialable in the thirteenth century, 
than it most certainly was a luxery product. It had to travel a long distance before it reached europe (and even 
further if it had to go to the north of the continent) and the production capacity of the counrty of origin was limited 
(no furilizers, no pesticide and no mecanical harvesting equipment in those days).

Yours sincerely:

Johan Terlouw

> Would fleece make the right look for a period cloak?  I know my fleece is
> acrylic, but is the fabric going to look right.  IE: was cotton fleece
> available/used in the 13th century?  any thoughts?
> input appreciated.  thanx
> joy
> radei
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