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So you can see that one topic can be approaced from two completly different angles, which are both interesting 
and result in more understanding and a broaderd perspective.

Yours sincerely:

Johan Terlouw

> Today cotton is grown as far north os the mountians of Erarat.  and as I
> am talking about Russia, it is much closer to the source. 
> Yes, Egyptian cotton is among the best in the world.  but also grows in
> persia, jordon, and parts of the Indus River valley. 
> MY question was the Fleece part, more than the cotton part.
> joy
> radei
>   The nearest place where cotton was available for europeans in the
>   thirteenth century was Egypt. It was and is
>   the producere of the best quality cotton in the world. Some say
>   this isn't so. There cotton makes the highest prize
>   on the world market. That should say something. Cotton
>   fabric/garments/yarn must have been among the items
>   which came to europe with returning crusaders. There is a cloth
>   called fustein. It was made of a linnen weave
>   and a cotton went. To reduce the prize of the finished product? If
>   cotton was avialable in the thirteenth century,
>   than it most certainly was a luxery product. It had to travel a
>   long distance before it reached europe (and even
>   further if it had to go to the north of the continent) and the
>   production capacity of the counrty of origin was limited
>   (no furilizers, no pesticide and no mecanical harvesting equipment
>   in those days).
>   Yours sincerely:
>   Johan Terlouw
>   >
>   > Would fleece make the right look for a period cloak? I know my
>   fleece is
>   > acrylic, but is the fabric going to look right. IE: was cotton
>   fleece
>   > available/used in the 13th century? any thoughts?
>   >
>   > input appreciated. thanx
>   >
>   > joy
>   >
>   > radei
>   >
>   >
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