[HNW] Re: Re: cotton fleece

Satine De La Courcel ladysatinedelacourcel at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 16 17:07:24 PST 2006

hmmm.. On the Flip side for cotton being a "Luxury" Item or "Common" 
Item.........  like with Pearls  for the Church and Royalty.  TO be givcen 
as gifts because of their value in society... ( the Ultimate I have money 
Bling) .. Could Cotton not be treated the same way???? if it was expensive 
why not embroider a napkin for a Beloved or Really close friend?...or  as 
part of the Dowry.... etc

... just bringing up ideas.... I really do not  know about this subject and 
am interested in learning more....

does anyone really know how well cotton holds up over 100's of years????  If 
badly or it does not... then could that also be a factor in the is Cotton 
period  debate????? If It hols up well then what??? I am talking about 
Period Cotton which I guess wahs manufactures a little different then 

If It was common that would also explain  the surprise   Again.  I do not 
know.. much about this at all. However I can see both points.. and I am most 
definately going to look into that book!!!!

You are the First person who has offered another view on cotton! thank 
you... It getting me thinking.. maybe  Cotton was available  in italy and 
widely used Since "Italy" had many trade ports!   how do we not know there 
was a import/export tax  or "Duty" of somekind that the rest of europe was 
unwilling/unable to pay.....Or Someone Tring to Make a Quick buck along the 

I have a friend who sends  any material, clothing , books, Dance Belts she  
wants to her aunts in Detroit because she claims she has been "stung" with a 
  Duty tax to have these items shipped here to Windsor. ...  for the Item 
coming into Canada.... Even small Items like  embriudery floss she 
ordered... . She insists they can charge whatever they want at the border 
for Duty and at times has paid  twice what she originally paid for the Item 
including shipping?????.....   I have heard many other  "Horror" stories 
like that as well.. so could that have been a factor???? Maybe wabbit.. 
Maybe.... Who knows????

Okay now you have me tinking about all kinds of stuff.... Hubby says "Thanks 
a lot"... LOL...... I think its cause he smelled something Burning... LOL

Now Hmmmmmm Off to see If I can find that book.......

One who is confused about Cotton in Period.....

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