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Satine De La Courcel ladysatinedelacourcel at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 17 04:19:56 PST 2006

So what about Cotton Fleece??? not just COtton itself aren't these two 
different Products????  to try to get the original post anserered????  
Somethign about a cotton Fleece Cloak???????


>Seems unlikely that if something can grow here that we would pay extra to
>have it shipped from the other side of the world.  Just my opinion.

cotton was not grown in England, Germany, what is now Finland or Sweeden, or 
Scotland... was it???? Or we would have more extant pieces in museums......

You pay "shipping costs" on stuff you order from e-bay.. Which can really be 
outrageous!  or over the net anything mail order.....  don't you???? even 
cross the US.....
I talked with My Hi=uband and he agrred with my other frienid about duty 
taxes.. He ordered a book from a local comic shop in teh city in MI where I 
am from  when we were dating.. My Brother  Snail mailed it to him.  Being 
nice and geting it to him as quick as posible....... includig postage it 
cost maybe $5.OO  US  then Hubby gets a memo from customs saying he has a 
package he need to pick up the duty on it was $15.00 CDN.....  which even 
withthe Excange rate was still over the initial cost plus postage.

  I was just wondering if there may not have been someone(s) trying to make 
an extra buck either Govt sanctioned  or otherwise...... and imposing a 
similar type of thing  a tax or dutyof somekind..... People have to earn a 
living right????  possibly causing costs to rise.. for those . should cotton 
really be as expensive as current theories promote.....

>remember 400 years ago thier was a time when the avarage tempature was

By How Much higher????

grapes grew in scotland,  I head they still do... (but that is heresay no 
documetantion one way or tuther)

and english wines were the bane of the

LOL Bet the French have never forgotten that!

Not being argumetative just  trying to get more af an Idea  and how to 
develop current thougths or change them......by gathering more data, infor a 
dn stuff.....

Anyway Theories are just that Theories and Idea that is widely accepted.... 
Over Time they change.. as more Facts and eveidence are dicovred and 
available..... that is teh Cool thing....


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