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> So what about Cotton Fleece??? not just COtton itself aren't 
> these two 
> different Products????  to try to get the original post 
> anserered????  
> Somethign about a cotton Fleece Cloak???????
> S.


As you can see, the use of cotton at all is controversial.

Conventional knowledge is that cotton was rare except in the Mediterranean
areas, was of poor quality, and so the fibers were used mainly for stuffing
rather than fabric.  

I find the idea that cotton was "so common that no one bothered keeping it
around" hard to buy as an argument without more support of archeaological or
literary evidence. And just because something -can- grow doesn't mean it was

When used as a fabric, I believe it was woven like linen.  I.e., smooth-faced,
not fleeced to pull out a soft pile. Another problem is that the general point
of fleecing a fabric is to make it warmer (the pile holds air and provides more
insulation).  Why fleece cotton for a cloak when wool is around and cheap too,
warmer to begin with, and more waterproof?

Current versions of cotton fleece can look very much like wool fleece.  Your
cloak won't look wrong but I'd be very leery of claiming it's accurate to the
time period as is.  

Despite the wonderful breadth and depth of knowledge on this list, not
everything can get an absolute "yes" or "no" answer.  ^_^

- Carol Hanson (Caryl de Trecesson)

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