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English-language vaguaries aside, cotton plants don't have "fleece."  Sheep
have fleece, as do some other fiber animals.  Cotton is a plant fiber that
grows in a "boll," and to make a fabric from the cotton, it must be
prepared, spun, and woven (or knitted, etc.).  Alternately, the cotton can
be used as stuffing for clothing, or spread into a layer and used as
"batting" in a fabric sandwich (fabric on both sides, cotton in the middle)
for quilts, quilted clothing, etc.
Really, there *isn't* any such thing as a "cotton fleece cloak."  You could
do a cloak from an animal fleece, sort of, but it would involve killing and
skinning the animal.  The skin and the wool would be treated like any other
It is also possible to weave wool in such a way as to be able to raise a
curly nap on the outer surface, or to insert extra locks of wool into the
weaving for a shaggy appearance, but I sincerely doubt the same thing could
be done with cotton.  Cotton fibers are very short--too short for such a
--Sue (in Montana)

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> So what about Cotton Fleece??? not just COtton itself aren't these two
> different Products????  to try to get the original post anserered????
> Somethign about a cotton Fleece Cloak???????
> S.

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