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While there does seem to be evidence for smooth-faced woven cotton in Europe before 1600, much (most?) of the surviving woven cotton I know of comes from fustian textiles (e.g. 'Perugia' towels) and the cotton wefts in those tend to be quite soft and fluffy, made from short-stapled cotton, rather than smooth, tightly spun yarns from long-stapled cotton.  While not 'fleeced' per se, the effect is perhaps fleecier than 'smooth faced' might suggest, just because of the nature of the weft yarn.
That said, I agree that cotton fleece seems unlikely in a period context when fulled wool would have been easily available and better suited to the task.
And as to the question of whether modern fleeces make an acceptable substitute for fulled wool fabrics; well, I think it depends on the fleece.  I made, a few years back, a wool cloak and hood which I lined with a high-quality poly fleece (having frozen my posterior at too many events that year) and it seems to pass the 3-foot rule, or at least no one has charged up and blasted me for using something so blatantly modern.  Cheaper fleece might not work so well.  
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When used as a fabric, I believe it was woven like linen.  I.e., smooth-faced,
not fleeced to pull out a soft pile. Another problem is that the general point
of fleecing a fabric is to make it warmer (the pile holds air and provides more
insulation).  Why fleece cotton for a cloak when wool is around and cheap too,
warmer to begin with, and more waterproof?
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