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Conventional knowledge is that cotton was rare except in the  Mediterranean
areas, was of poor quality, and so the fibers were used  mainly for stuffing
rather than fabric. 

Just a note, if I may: the cotton that was being raised, imported, traded,  
and worn in the Mediterranean basis through the 12th century was from the  
sublime to the ridiculous in terms of quality and was put to a wide variety of  
uses.  Yes, it was apparently fairly uncommon north of the Mediterranean;  we 
mustn't forget how important the Mediterranean basis was during the Middle  Ages 
and Renaissance.  I think, myself included, that many of us in the SCA  are 
northern-Europe-centric, often to a fault!  The trading monopolies  shifted 
from the Arabs to the northern Italians only in the 12th-13th  century.  I would 
highly recommend S.D. Goitein's books on the Geniza  documents from 9th-13th 
century Egypt.  Amazing information about  textiles.


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