[HNW] cotton fleece

Satine De La Courcel ladysatinedelacourcel at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 17 16:04:31 PST 2006

>I have sent and recieved packages worldwide.  Last year, a box of
>antiques from China, NO Duty.  2 Years ago Diamonds, and other gems from
>Thialand, no duty.  in july I got a box of opal from British Columbia
>Canada, no duty.  3 years ago boxes sent to england, south africa,
>phillipines, Malta, The Neatherlands, Sweden, Brazil, Canada, and
>recieved from the same, no duty.

Its all up to the Customs Clerk!  to decide what they want Just like who 
they pull over at the border  to vehicle check its all up to them..... and 
we live  in Windsor... right on the riverfront... so things are more checked 
closely here   Since more Drugs and Guns are found here both coming and 
going at the Busiest  border crossing between the US and Canada.... than if 
you were to ship to Manitoba or Toronto....

I was NOT saying for all countries Just some peoples experiences in Canada 
ONLY!!!!! ... and thinking of a possible corolation........thinking out loud 
and wondering.....

I have been 'cause After my Last  post I did some more digging arroud..... 
hearing from other people in manitpoba and toronto they have not had the 
same  issues that some windsorites I know.....  and its never teh sender who 
pays duty its teh recipient.. at least it was for us..  I send stuf to Mom 
and Dad and Dad in Michigan and personally ahve never had an issue... I do 
claim it when I come back to Windsor  never and issue..

The US does not impose a duty tax on imports for small stuff.. for 
individuals... I do not know about large ticket Items.    When I lived 
Sateside I frequently ordered books and material from overseas with no 
problem.  They may look at what you purchase if they think it looks 
suspicious  cause they can.....

>just my experiences.  FYI:  Dale Elliott, Owner, "Red Road Trading
>Company, Inc"  since 1985.  Did the Native Norath American Pow-Wow
>Curcuit for more than 15 years.  Company still exists, but not actively
>at this point<my health doesn't permit>

Yes Experiences Differ.... I was basing a theory on friends and 
hubbies(which I still tase hm about becsue he was impatiend and I could have 
brought it over with me whenIi visited him... )  experiences.. trying not to 
go on heresay......  Its not Law or what is done All the time I have found 
out...  But it does happen......

>temp : IIRC they believe 4 degrees C, worldwide.

so 39.2 degree F hotter than today?????? that is  a little hotter...... 

Glad to see that  the cotton dicussion has gotten some answers to that ladys 
questions teh one who was asking about a fleece Cloak for an event or 

Ohhh REAL Marzipan... YUM!!!!!!!


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