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Radei Drchevich radei at moscowmail.com
Tue Jan 17 19:31:49 PST 2006

  The US does not impose a duty tax on imports for small stuff.. for
  individuals... I do not know about large ticket Items. When I
  lived Sateside I frequently ordered books and material from
  overseas with no problem. They may look at what you purchase if
  they think it looks suspicious cause they can.....

  Last box I got from Canada was radioactive.  Bet that showed up.  and
  I lived in LA for many years, the port of Los Angeles is the busiest
  port in the world, so I have delt with customs.  and yea, there are a
  few Esso-bee's in every croud.

  > just my experiences. FYI: Dale Elliott, Owner, "Red Road Trading
  > Company, Inc" since 1985. Did the Native Norath American Pow-Wow
  > Curcuit for more than 15 years. Company still exists, but not
  > at this point

  > temp : IIRC they believe 4 degrees C, worldwide.

  so 39.2 degree F hotter than today?????? that is a little
  hotter...... LOL.....

  Might want to do that math again.  try more like 8 degrees F.  32 F
  is 0 C, 40F is 4 C-----     C= (F-32)*5/9

  Glad to see that the cotton dicussion has gotten some answers to
  that ladys questions teh one who was asking about a fleece Cloak
  for an event or something...

  Actually that Lady was me, A 45 year old MAN.  And I did enjoy all
  the responses.  I really just wanted to make sure the fleece didn't
  make me look like a newbie that should not be let out in public<g>

  Ohhh REAL Marzipan... YUM!!!!!!!

  Yes, Annake spoils me rotten.  every year I send her Pecans<since
  they won't grow in europe> and she sends real bitter Almond Marzipan.



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