[HNW] cotton fleece

Satine De La Courcel ladysatinedelacourcel at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 17 22:31:55 PST 2006

>   Last box I got from Canada was radioactive.  Bet that showed up.  and
>   I lived in LA for many years, the port of Los Angeles is the busiest
>   port in the world, so I have delt with customs.  and yea, there are a
>   few Esso-bee's in every croud.

I bet that was a pretty Night Light... LOL....   Everyone here is on Edge 
because of the Canadian Federal  Election On Monday.... So gov't employees 
take stresses Creatively on everyone else.. but o it with a smile....

>   > temp : IIRC they believe 4 degrees C, worldwide.
>   so 39.2 degree F hotter than today?????? that is a little
>   hotter...... LOL.....
>   Might want to do that math again.  try more like 8 degrees F.  32 F
>   is 0 C, 40F is 4 C-----     C= (F-32)*5/9

I think you better check your Specs again....   I  typed  39.2 degrees it is 
the same as above    you must have seen it incorrectly  math is good!

8 Degrees C is  48.6  F

Bact to the Cotton Enough OT about Math.... Someone mentioned the silk and 
Cotton Floss Being able to afford both?????


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