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Speaking of quilting, a number of the kaftans in the Ottoman exhibit at the 
Sackler Museum are channel quilted.  The width of the channels varies; some 
are very narrow.

Many of the kaftans are appliqued, and the workmanship is so fine that it 
can be impossible to tell from photographs that the patterns are not woven 
into the fabric.

I must have overlooked the first message - was that Sarah Davies that you 
were trying to contact?

At 12:00 AM 1/18/06, you wrote:
>I don't think Sarah is on this list any more, but I have passed your
>message along to someone who may be able to get in touch.
>Thank you so much, Annette.  I really would like to get in touch with 
>Sarah with regard to her research on quilting.
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