[HNW] Cotton Floss

Catherine Kinsey ckinsey at kumc.edu
Wed Jan 18 05:43:57 PST 2006

If you can afford cotton floss, then you can probably afford silk.
Eterna Silk (nayy) is less than $1 US per 5m skein.
<http://www.eternasilk.com/where2buy.htm>  I like the stranded silk,
although it's a little harder to work with than cotton floss -- it's
more like filament silk than floss.   
Anastasia Emilianova
I love silk floss!  It can be a little more clingy than cotton but
ooooooo, the feel of it!  The dyes are so much richer too.

Give it a try Jerusah, I think you might like it :).


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