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> Are you saying that Cotton Floss is actually "period?"  that's just
> *wild*
Not quite. :) I wouldn't ever make a blanket statement that cotton floss and 
fabric were all period, all the time. I do think, however, that there is 
evidence to show that cotton was used in *some* places, for *some* items, during 
*some* points in time. I should also clarify that my research is specifically 
into Italian history, and clothing and embroidery of Italy and the 
Mediterranean. Mazzaoui's book focuses on the Italian cotton trade, as well. My main focus 
of study is the Italy from 1470-1550. I've also been doing some reading about 
Islamic trade industries and manufacture, as well as some work into 
embroideries and textiles of the middle east. I'm fascinated at how much influence the 
Middle east had on European culture due to the Crusades, and it's been 
interesting finding the dots, and connecting them, in meaningful ways.

The SCA myth that cotton was never used is mainly what is being challenged by 
the information about cotton manufacture and use. Cotton STILL is not the 
best fiber for most things, it wears out quickly and doesn't generally have the 
hand of a finer fabric. But those are also the qualities that make it perfect 
for cheap, lower class clothing and personal items (just as it is today). But I 
strongly believe that cotton was far more prevalent in Europe than was once 
thought, especially in the 11th-14th centuries. 

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