[HNW] Re: Bjarn's latest...

cahuff cahuff at clearviewcatv.net
Thu Jan 19 11:48:56 PST 2006

At 12:03 PM -0600 1/19/06, h-needlework-request at ansteorra.org wrote:
>  >> a la francaise with chenille stumpwork flowers is finished.
>>>  You can se it here:
>  >> http://www.my-drewscostumes.dk/chenillestumpwork1.htm
>>>  The progress of the dress is here:

Oh how loverly...almost makes me rethink the Peasant Scum to Merchant 
Dog level of dress...But SIGH I've nowhere to wear such a confection. 
Tis truely grand to look at tho!
Creative Clutter is Better Than Idle Neatness!

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