[HNW] cotton fleece

Satine De La Courcel ladysatinedelacourcel at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 19 17:16:35 PST 2006

Okay now Bad 50 & 60 Duck and cover "informational Adds" runnign throught 
head.. la la la Duck and cover,  Duck and Cover... La la la ...........


I have a question about Embroidery Patterns....... .... does anyone know  
where I may be able to find Heraldic Embroidery patterns for someone who 
wants to embroider kingdom  devices by hand????

I am in The Midrealm however... I am working on an Pennsic Project..( It may 
Not Get Done this year though) ..  I am in Search of All Kingdom Devices....

Also Does anyone now of a good Heraldic Device page that I can get Charges 
From???? ( again For another Hand Embroidery Project.....)

Thank you
In Service


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