[HNW] cotton fleece

ealasaid@cox.net ealasaid at cox.net
Thu Jan 19 18:02:27 PST 2006


This website:


has the Kingdom Arms, Populace Badges and Ensigns, in color for most, if not all, the SCA Kingdoms.  They aren't embroidery patterns, but can easily be printed off and made into patterns.

If you go to http://www.sca.org , from there to you can find a link to each kingdome's website.  Each Kingdom should have a link to their Heraldry page, and there should would find pictures of all their award batches and other assorted stuff.

There is a website out there somewhere that has line drawings of each kingdom arms, but I can't find it at the moment.  If I find it on my home computer "Favorites"  list, I'll post it.


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