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>This website:
>has the Kingdom Arms, Populace Badges and Ensigns, in color for most, if 
>not all, the SCA Kingdoms.  They aren't embroidery patterns, but can easily 
>be printed off and made into patterns.

Thank you!

>If you go to http://www.sca.org , from there to you can find a link to each 
>kingdome's website.  Each Kingdom should have a link to their Heraldry 
>page, and there should would find pictures of all their award batches and 
>other assorted stuff.

Thank you! I know there is also one out there for Kingdom Hearaldry listed 
on teh Midrealm page It has MK awards and patterns For Laurel, Pelican, 
Knight, baron/ess, Duke/Duchess but its for Machine embroidery..  and If I 
read it right Cross stitch which I do not currently do maybe someday .. I am 
silly enough to do it all by hand.. I figure being a beginner I need all the 
practice I can muster...

>There is a website out there somewhere that has line drawings of each 
>kingdom arms, but I can't find it at the moment.  If I find it on my home 
>computer "Favorites"  list, I'll post it.
In My travels about the net, Before I asked for help. I think I know what 
site you are talking about...

I do have another Question for everyone here...( I am full of the, Sorry 
guys it does come in spurts though!)

I do what I call embroidered gems on my Byzantine Garments however I have 
heard it is and it its not beriod... I am at a loss.. I learned a year ago  
pre sca days and am unable to verify/refute its  periodness.   I do my 
original outline of the Gem with a stem stitch, then count every two 
stitches and  do a little loop and again until the "gem" is held in place... 
Pull tight and it forma a netting or webbing effect aboyt the Gem and keeps 
it into place.... And it looks really cool...

Thank you in Advance for your help/guidance and Patience

In Service


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