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> I do what I call embroidered gems on my Byzantine Garments however I have
> heard it is and it its not beriod... I am at a loss..
The only gems I have ever personally examined are those on embroideries and 
on eccleasiastical vestments that post date the Byzantine era. (mostly 14th, 
15th and 16th century items). However, all of those gems are attached to fabric 
with metal mounts. In most cases the gems and mounts are sewn onto the fabric. 
Sometimes I couldn't see any stitches, and I made the assumption that the 
gems were either glued onto the fabric, or the mounts were pushed through the 
fabric. Since I couldn't see the backs of the items I couldn't tell for sure. 

My suggestion would be to get some gem/jewelry mounts (I've seen them at 
craft stores), mount your stones, then sew them on. Fire mountain Gems 
(www.firemountaingems.com) has a great selection of stones mounts at very reasonable 
prices. ALSO: their large filagree cabachon mounts are a very good size for the 
settings of embroidered award medallians. 

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