[HNW] gems

deborah murray oonaghoneill at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 22 19:18:46 PST 2006

Greting all,

Rubens web site is shortly to cease to exsist.  Professor Michael 
Greenhalgh, who runs this web site and furnishes it with images he has taken 
in his extensive travels, has retired.  He is, or rather was, one of my 
lecturers at the Australian National University.  I was speaking to him last 
monday when he told me that all his webbing is soon to be removed due to his 

Make the most of it while it is still there.  He is a wonderful man and I 
will miss his teachings.



Oonaghs Own

>There are excellent pictures of the coronation garb at
>All of the gem settings (that weren't hidden by rows of pearls) seem to be 
>standard metal mounts.

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