[HNW] Linen batting or is it Linen and batting, HELP???

Lady Bhuidhe mka Sarah Oldenburg Garcia ladybhuidhe at gmail.com
Tue Jan 31 13:52:45 PST 2006

Does anyone know where to find Linen Batting, our earl marshal Kevin 
told my hubby about it and how it makes a great gambason, but i have no 
clue where to find it? Did my hubby get it wrong to think it is already 
linen and batting put together and that I really need to buy seperatley 
and quilt myself? Also is there such thing as linen batting or is it 
just linen cloth with cotton batting matterial??

Lady Flidais Bhuidhe
Exchequer and Chronicler of the Shire of Stromfels

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