[HNW] Linen batting or is it Linen and batting, HELP???

Joan Jurancich joanmj at surewest.net
Tue Jan 31 14:24:45 PST 2006

At 01:52 PM 1/31/2006, you wrote:
>Does anyone know where to find Linen Batting, our earl marshal Kevin 
>told my hubby about it and how it makes a great gambason, but i have 
>no clue where to find it? Did my hubby get it wrong to think it is 
>already linen and batting put together and that I really need to buy 
>seperatley and quilt myself? Also is there such thing as linen 
>batting or is it just linen cloth with cotton batting matterial??
>Lady Flidais Bhuidhe
>Exchequer and Chronicler of the Shire of Stromfels

It sounds to me that you need to ask the earl marshal for details 
about the materials.  I have never heard of any already-quilted linen.

If I were asked to make something like this I would use a firmly 
woven linen and quilt it with cotton batting.

Joan Jurancich
joanmj at surewest.net 

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