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I know this is a late answer but....   I plan on being there off and on.    
The rebuild on the house that burned down is finished and we are moving in 
as I type ( I took a break to try to catch up on e-mails.)

A'ine nic Tailluer
Aston Tor

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>You know, that's a good question! I betcha it does! It would be
>to research, wouldn't it? That it's a regional thing, like the way the
>English took blackwork/monochrome embroidery in a completely different
>direction than the rest of Europe?
>--Sue, who can talk embroidery forever! ;o)
>Jane's website with all the wonderful links, including a lot of
>surviving German pieces, helped get me started thinking about this.
>Ditto on the forever :).  Anyone in the SCA coming to Lilies in June?
>The first Sunday is an embroidery 'demo' in the big pavillion.  I'm
>hosting and we are making it one big day of come-visit-stitch-talk-learn
>etc. for anything to do with needle & thread, including lace.
>SCA: Liriel, Calontir
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