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Sun May 28 09:43:46 PDT 2006

"The Syon Cope, English, 1300-20. One of the finest survivals of
Opus Angelicum. The Syon cope is entirely covered with embroidery on
linen and the design is composed of glorious figures withing
interlocking cruciform patterns at both angles. The orphrey and
outer band depict heraldry."

I won't even try to depict the cruciform patterns in email, but I've
copied them into MS Word if it helps.

Sydney, Australia

amreid at wrote:

> Does anyone know what technique was used to decorate the Syon cope?  Given it's
> age (14th c from memory) I'm guessing Opus Anglicanum, at least as the
> predominant technique if not the only one.
> I know I have a picture of this in the Kay Staniland "Medieval Craftsmen:
> Embroiderers" book, but I don't happen to have the book with me and I'm not sure
> whether it quotes the technique.
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Andrew
> Sydney, Australia
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