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Sun May 28 09:43:46 PDT 2006

*huge*.  More medievalists than I had known there were in the world, and
just about every book on the middle ages in print, and a lot that weren't,
on sale in the exhibits hall.  Note:  I've made a vow not to buy *any* more
books until I've paid off my visa card!  My paper seemed to go down pretty
well, although I was losing my voice and had to croak it at my
long-suffering audience.  I'm sure I've left a whole lot of people thinking
that Australians sound *very* weird.  I had to divide my time between the
Tristan sessions and the textile sessions, every single one of which was
scheduled against the other, but managed to get to a lot of really good
talks, one of the highlights of which was Nancy Spies' talk on the tablet
weaving pattern book from Nurnberg, illustrated by 'Bishop Bob'.  (Nancy,
I'll leave you to explain that, and no, I haven't forgotten about sending
you the info on the tablets from Kloster Wienhausen, and by the way, I've
found an image of a woman, not a saint, tablet weaving and I'll send that
to you as well.) There are now a significant number of people doing
seriously good academic research in the field of medieval textiles, which
is a wonderful thing.

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