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Sun May 28 09:43:46 PDT 2006

Grandma Grace, 2 crocheted wool afghans that belonged to my parents, and
a metal serving tray with painted fruit on it (sort of a rosemaling
design, but not so ethnic, if that makes sense).  And my grandfather,
who did woodworking and weaving in his spare time for relaxation, and
who came from a family with a long history of weaving, I have a couple
of handwoven bedspreads in cotton, a number of smaller pieces in cotton
and linen (tablecloths, hand towels, etc.), and a beautiful stole in
wool and some sort of silver metallic thread.  I also have a couple of
his wooden bowls.  And also from mom's side (someone named "Auntie
Cal"), an old 30s-era Dresden plate quilt that's obviously meant for a
summer coverlet (no padding or extra layers for warmth), but which is
seriously falling apart and which I want to recreate.
--Sue takes a breath....yup, think that's about it....

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