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Sun May 28 09:43:46 PDT 2006

> "A Century of Quilts:America in Cloth"  This documentary celebrates the art of
> quilts in the 20th century, the stories behind their creation and the quilters
> as they work.
> This rich and beautifully crafted documentary celebrates the art of quilting by
> featuring selections from the 100 best 20th centure American quilts, the
> stories behind their creation and the quilters as they work.
> A Century of Quilts travels across America to visit many of the notable
> quilters who created some of these works of art.  Cameras capture them at work
> in their studios and homes telling the stories behind the creation of their
> treasures.  As unique as the quilts themselves, the stories are tales of a
> creative spirit spurred by love, sorrow, joy, fond memories, proud cultural
> ties, love of nature, religious beliefs and artistic expression.
> Here in the Central Valley, it will be on Channel 6 12/7 at 1:30 PM and 12/15
> at 3:30 PM.  Check your local listings (or call your local PBS station to
> inquire).
> If you can't get it where you are, check -- they often sell videos
> of their shows.
> Other goodies on this month include "A Musical Christmas from the Vatican" --
> how many of us are going to be paying more attention to the embroidered
> vestments than to the singing?  :)

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