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Sun May 28 09:43:46 PDT 2006

I'd say that bands of trim were actually applied to the dresses... whether
stitched first, after or at all is another question.

Meant to reply on the other list, but I and my computer have been a bit flakey
this week (again).

Oh... and yes, I've cut trim to fit the neckline of an outfit before, both
costuming and modern... some I've even worked on (like the neckline from **** I
did this winter break which has convinced me to remember to embroider *before*
cutting certain shapes....  not that I did the cutting part, but neither of us
thought of it until after it was cut...)


h-needlework-request at wrote:

>  "I'm currently researching 14th century Italian clothing (right now focusi=
> ng
> on Florence 1365).  And I've run into something that I'm hoping someone on
> this list has some ideas about or experience with.
>  I've been noticing is that many of the dresses in the paintings of this
> period show some kind of trim/embroidery/couching around the neckline and t=
> he
> wrists of the dress.  The frescoes in the Santa Maria Novella - The Church
> Militant and Triumphant by Andrea Da Firenze and Last Judgment by Nardo Di
> Cione - both show multiple examples of this.  You can see pictures of the
> frescos at on-line
> ml
> and
>  Now I'm trying to determine which it is - trim or embroidery or couching?

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