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Sun May 28 09:43:46 PDT 2006

in the "frames," but I was mostly interested in
blackwork and tent-stitch, and skipped over other
other types of needlework (too much stuff; too little

There are 3 on display in the British Galleries, and
they're about 6" back from the glass; if you don't
mind making "nose prints," you can examine them pretty

As Linn said, fax a request to the staff, and you can
probably make an appointment.

Also, take a good digital camera. I took mine (a Kodak
3400) when I was there in April, and got a lot of very
good shots of needlework, even with low light and no
flash. I don't understand all the mechanics of the
process, but a digital camera seems to make better use
of the available light in low-light situations, and
can pick up details that are lost when using a regular
camera. Also, the "flash memory" cards don't seem to
be bothered by all the airport X-rays.

Have fun!

Dawn Jacobson

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