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Sun May 28 09:43:46 PDT 2006

Ministers, 1992.  ISBN 87-7303-5580.  On pages 56 and 354, a color photograph
and description of an early-13th-century set of gold-embroidered vestments
from the cathedral of Holar, Iceland;  on pages 71 and 369, a color
photograph and description of a 14th-century embroidered reliquary containing
St. Erik's lower jaw, from Aabo (Turku) Cathedral, Finland;  on pages 193 and
274, a color photograph of the 10th-century "face" embroidery on a man's
garment from Mammen, Denmark;  on page 354-355, a description and
black-and-white photograph of the 13th-century "Hoeyland Tapestry (sic)

Granger-Taylor, Hero and Frances Pritchard.  "A Fine Quality Insular
Embroidery from Llan-gors Crannog, near Brecon", in Pattern and Purpose in
Insular Art, edited by Mark Redknapp et al (Oxford:  Oxbow Books, 2001),
91-99.  ISBN 1-84217-058-9.
A full report on the discovery of a late-9th-century/early-10th-century
embroidery from Wales with black-and-white photographs of the textile,
analysis of the techniques used, and historical comparisions.


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