[HNW] silk thread/floss question

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Dunno.  Probably depends on the embroidery floss--there are an awful lot of them out there.  I've got some Gutterman silk thread that I'm going to be using to do some very fine needlepoint (or perhaps cross-stitch) with, but I do almost all of my monochrome embroidery with a single strand of Soie Crystale needlepoint silk which, IIRC, is 12-stranded.  It's about the same thickness as a single ply of DMS floss.  I could definitely see using other types of floss or thread, depending on the piece I was making....the Gutterman might be really handy for very fine details, since it's quite fine.
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  In another venue, we've been discussing blackwork threads ...

  The lady is using Gutterman Silk Thread to do blackwork with.  How  
  much difference is using something like that versus using silk  
  embroidery floss?

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