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They also have some that's the diameter of ordinary sewing thread.  I've got it in several (heraldic) colors.  Purchased at my local JoAnn's.  It's definitely not thick enough to be buttonhole twist, although that would definitely be fun to play with!
Do you have a good source for the Pearsall's? I've not heard of them....
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  Gutterman had some thread that was similar to buttonhole twist.  That could
  be what she is using. I think they also make a silk floss.   Pearsall's also
  has a buttonhole twist-like thread in their blackwork thread packs. The pack
  also has a very fine slightly twisted thread and then the normal silk floss.
  There is a fourth thread in the pack but I'm not where I can see it just
  now.  Having four weights of thread, in addition to the intensity of the
  pattern, can give very interesting results. 
  Barbara Jackson

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