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Susan, the difference is in the handle, twist and finish of the threads.  Gutterman's is meant to be used in machine embroidery amongst other uses so it does have a tight, smooth finish.  I like it for stitching on very fine fabrics (50 ct).  I also use their sewing weights for goldwork.  It doesn't "fuzz" and is very strong.  Gutterman's also makes a buttonhole twist that is excellent for lacing fabric to canvas twill on slate frames.

There are also Japanese manufacturers who make silk "sewing" threads that I use for the same purposes.

These sewing weight threads are also excellent when transferring designs by tissue tacking.  Again because the thread holds its integrity and doesn't shed fibers into the ground.

Linn Skinner

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>In another venue, we've been discussing blackwork threads ...
>The lady is using Gutterman Silk Thread to do blackwork with.  How  
>much difference is using something like that versus using silk  
>embroidery floss?
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