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> Doesn't have the fuzzies you get with non-filament silk.
You can eliminate some of the fuzziness of silk by using the correct needles. 
High end embroidery shops (The Edwardian Needle in New Jersey comes to mind, 
but I'm sure there are others) carry needles especiallyfor silk work--they 
have eyes that are slightly larger, so that it creates a bigger hole in the 
ground fabric for the silk to pass through---thus decreasing friction with the 
fabric, thus diminishing the fuzz factor. Also, if you lightly coat the thread 
with beeswax (I prefer the white but the yellow will do) you get rid of a lot of 
fuzz. Most craft stores sell blocks of beeswax in the candlemaking section. I 
make my own beeswax tokens by melting the wax and pouring it into small soap 
or candy molds. 


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