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Liz Wilson ewilson618 at tx.rr.com
Tue Aug 7 10:40:40 PDT 2007

I am new to the SCA and looking for information about Crewel work and Counted Cross Stitch.  I have done the latter in the past and did see some of it exhibited at Steppes Artisan.  Are either of these types of embroidery considered period?  Would the  Counted Cross Stitch be more period if done on linen of fine cotton rather than the current modern cloth (aida, not sure about the spelling)?  Also, I have done samplers in the past (like the Early American type).  Did anyone do samplers in period, or were most people too illiterate?  I am thinking that they might have been done in the cities or monastaries but have no real information one way or the other.  If anyone has any websites that they could recommend so that I could research these issues, I would be most appreciative.  I would like to have a nice portable embroidery project that is in period to work on since that is an area that I have some experience with already.

Cristiana (aka Liz of Flower Mound)  
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