[HNW] question re tapestry yarn

Jo Anne Fatherly joanne at jafath.com
Fri Aug 10 19:27:55 PDT 2007

At 09:18 AM 8/10/2007, you wrote:
>I am pondering (and bothering the good folks on HIstoric Knit listserve)
>about a project I want to do. It's from the 1940's but is similar to some
>Victorian projects. The background for an afghan is either knit or crochet
>(in afghan stitch).

Okay, it's me again (just full of advice, this week!)

I love Anne Orr's designs and even made one -- I did the embroidery 
with the same (worsted weight) yarn I worked the afghan stitch background in.

"Tapestry yarn" seems to mean different things to different 
manufacturers. I've got some upstairs -- I think it's Bucilla -- that 
is about the weight of worsted but much more tightly spun, giving it 
a smoother surface. That's probably what the designer had in mind. 
Paternayan is stranded, and softer. (Trying to remember without 
actually going upstairs to look). Seems to me that DMC used to make 
one like Bucilla's, too. You're probably right and it's not on the 
market any more. Maybe try the knitting yarn?

Jo Anne

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