[HNW] question re tapestry yarn

Kathryn Newell cknewell at earthlink.net
Tue Aug 14 20:31:47 PDT 2007

< I love Anne Orr's designs and even made one -- I did the embroidery  with 
the same (worsted weight) yarn I worked the afghan stitch background in.>

Didn't it come out stiff and heavy and weigh a ton? I really don't want 
something that bulky.

< "Tapestry yarn" seems to mean different things to different 
manufacturers. I've got some upstairs -- I think it's Bucilla -- that  is 
about the weight of worsted but much more tightly spun, giving it  a 
smoother surface. That's probably what the designer had in mind. >

As I thought-- probably an "extinct" yarn. *big sigh* Time to troll Ebay...

<You're probably right and it's not on the  market any more. Maybe try the 
knitting yarn?>

I think I have some contrast in this yarn somewhere in my stash. 
Otherwise--I'm tempted to go with Lion Brand Wool Ease. It's cheaper and 
lighter, if I'm going to be doing all this cross stitching in the same 
weight yarn. If I were to do *all* of this in the Paton's Classic Merino 
it's going to cost even more than I had dreaded.

My back up plan is going to be a color crochet afghan I saw in a booklet 
with palm trees. <BG>

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