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This is really good news, Kathryn!


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Dear List:

I have recently taken some steps to take control over my own 1999
publication, "Needlework Patterns from Renaissance Germany", which is the
title of my recharting of the 1597 Johan Sibmacher book "Schon Neues
Modelbuch, 1597"

I tried, with no success, to reach my publisher, Mary Denise Smith/Costume &
Dressmaker Press. None of the email addresses I've tried have suceeded. I
have recently sent her a certified letter, restricted delivery, with a
letter, to her most recent mailing address (which is several years old).
This letter, in part, asks if she has any copies of my book, because there
is demand for copies. I have a mail delivery coupon saying I have to go pick
up the returned letter at the P.O which I will do this week.

I hereby rescind Mary Denise Smith's ability to publish this book. She has
no right to control reprints as well, since I am the copyright holder of
this material.

My plans are to register an ISBN (which Mary Denise never pursued) by Labor
Day. I then intend to visit some local copying firms to see how much a
reprinting would cost. My only planned changes are on the inside printer
information page. Other than that, the book will be reprinted in its entirey
with no changes whatsoever. From what I understand, I can present them with
a copy (I own one extra copy) and an offset press printing can be done from
that. Financial issues will determine timing -- we've just had some repairs
to the house which we had not anticipated and they cost more than we

I would like to have the 1597 Sibmacher  in print again and available by
12th Night. I plan to approach Small Churl and Poison Pen Press. As far as I
know, these were the only East Kingdom merchants who carried my  book. I
will also pursue a modern book distributor which specializes in needlework

There are two members of this List (you know who you are) who have been most
helpful and informative, as well as being "cheerleaders" on this project.
I'm sorry to be so slow but restoring a Victorian house and creating a big
garden at the same time have been far more exhausting and distracting than I

Once major repairs to the house are done, and the garden is finally set, I
hope to pursue "The Goodwyn Miscellany". Over the years I recharted a
variety of patterns, only to find the (19th century) books I obtained them
from put back into print. Well, I still have a small cache of patterns, and
some new material as well up my sleeve.

No, I'm afraid that "Flowers of the Needle", in that form, is forever out of
print. I thought I'd anticipate that question. <BG>

SCA: Kathryn Goodwyn
"too  many centuries...too little time"

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