[HNW] 1597 Sibmacher

Rikke D. Giles rgiles at centurytel.net
Tue Aug 21 23:35:06 PDT 2007

On 08/21/2007 09:37:33 PM, Kathryn Newell wrote:
> I have recently taken some steps to take control over my own 1999
> publication, "Needlework Patterns from Renaissance Germany", which is
> the title of my recharting of the 1597 Johan Sibmacher book "Schon 
> Neues Modelbuch, 1597"

Yay!  Hopefully those of us on the west coast can get a copy too, 
eventually?  I'm quite looking forward to the re-issue and appreciate 
all the work and trouble you are going through to do this.  

SCA:  Aelianora de Wintringham

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