[HNW] 1597 Sibmacher

Kathryn Newell cknewell at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 23 14:15:33 PDT 2007

 Dear Carllein:

< Have you tried asking Devra Langsam (Poison Pen Press) if she knows  how 
to reach Mary Denise?   She might have current contact info.>

No, I haven't. I've tried the various addresses I could fine online. I don't 
see that reaching Mary Denise would help at all-- if copies of my book were 
available, surely it would be "out there"?? She moved several times between 
1999 and 2004. The letter I sent came back with "Forwarding Order Expired" 
and another note "hasn't lived here in years". She had very diffficult 
personal issues (putting it mildly!) so I'm not suprised.

I have made reasonable attempts to reach her. She never  paid me any 
royalties, nor did she ever deliver the 60 other complimentary copies she 
promised me. I have no absoultely no qualms about proceeding on my own.

If Someone Else feels like tracking down copies of my book, be my guest! The 
produciton run was 2,000 so there must be some copies *somewhere*.

SCA: Kathryn Goodwyn
":too many centuries...too little time"

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