[HNW] 1597 Sibmacher

Wanda Pease wandap at hevanet.com
Sat Aug 25 19:43:51 PDT 2007

I'm confused.  You charted your versions from 19th Century and earlier
books?  If so, then those who reprint those books do not have copyright over
the patterns taken from books that were no longer in copyright. If you
charted your patterns from the current book they might have a reason to

	I have a copy of the first editions of Public Pageants and Progresses of
Queen Elizabeth, 1789, 1802, and 1822 as I recall.  These books have been
reprinted since and I actually have the three volume set from the 1960's.
However, if I decide to put the scans of the original, 1st edition copies
on-line as Google and MSN are doing it is my understanding that the current
publishers have no complaints coming.
	The Early English Text Society runs into this frequently as they re-issue
things that were originally printed in the 1800's such as the Two 15th
Century Cookbooks that Master Cariadoc of the Bow has on his site.  His are
from the much ealier and out of copyright volumes.

	Speaking of reprinting...  Any information on the Neu Carolingian Model

Regina Romsey

> Once major repairs to the house are done, and the garden is finally set, I
> hope to pursue "The Goodwyn Miscellany". Over the years I recharted a
> variety of patterns, only to find the (19th century) books I obtained them
> from put back into print. Well, I still have a small cache of
> patterns, and
> some new material as well up my sleeve.
> No, I'm afraid that "Flowers of the Needle", in that form, is
> forever out of
> print. I thought I'd anticipate that question. <BG>
> --Kathryn
> SCA: Kathryn Goodwyn
> "too  many centuries...too little time"

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