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Lavolta Press fran at lavoltapress.com
Sun Aug 26 10:20:48 PDT 2007

Of course, the free use of other people's material only applies to 
material that is either in the public domain, or where explicit and 
prior permission for this specific use has been given.

It is legal to reprint a public-domain work.

It is legal to create an anthology of material from a public-domain 
work, or a number of them.

It is legal to translate a public-domain work into another language, 
make a film, play, or sound recording from it, or otherwise adapt it.

However, it is not legal to take someone else's material that they 
redrew, edited, translated, or made into a film, etc., from a 
public-domain work, and use it for your own. If you want to do something 
with a public-domain work,  you have to go back to the original work and 
make your own unique changes to it.

Outside situations where there is no or almost no choice involved, the 
selection and organization of materials in an anthology is itself 
copyrightable. Thus, another anthology that contains a very similar 
selection of works, especially if organized in the same way, would be a 
copyright violation.

In other words, if it is visually clear that someone else used her 
redrawings/rechartings, or their anthology contains the same selection 
of items, she can sue for copyright violation.  They should have gone 
back to the public-domain work and done something original of their own.

Lavolta Press

Lavolta Press wrote:
> She holds copyright to all visual aspects of her work that are different 
> from the earlier works.  This includes but is not necessarily limited to:

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