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I would recommend talking with your tax  person before going to all the 
trouble, which may, of course, be necessary, of  registering as a small business.  
Some states may require it; others may  not.  You will always, of course, need 
to report income and expenditures on  your yearly personal tax forms and pay 
both state and federal taxes.  

What I  said is that you need to go through the proper government 
procedures to  set up any small business, including registering your 
business name.  Bowker will not probably not check on whether you have 
registered your  business, but various government entities eventually 
will. They care,  because you will in most states owe sales taxes on 
in-state sales, and you  will owe state and federal income taxes on the 
income from your  business.  There are also sometimes city zoning issues 
related to  your business location.

Nancy  Spies
Arelate Studio

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