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Kathryn Newell cknewell at earthlink.net
Wed Aug 29 20:40:08 PDT 2007


< I would recommend talking with your tax  person before going to all the 
trouble, which may, of course, be necessary, of  registering as a small 
> Some states may require it; others may  not.  You will always, of course, 
> need  to report income and expenditures on  your yearly personal tax forms 
> and pay
> both state and federal taxes.  >

Oh, the headache of going from simple SCA printing/dissemination to this?? 
It all sounds like too much headache to me. It's worth it to *you*, because 
you're a designer/author and definitely a small business, with ever 
expanding product. I was only seeking to republish my ONE book and perhaps, 
in the future, publish another (with a professional publisher).

I suspect I will drop all thought of it, now. :-(

SCA: Kathryn Goodwyn
"too many centuries...too little time"

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