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Lavolta Press fran at lavoltapress.com
Wed Aug 29 21:09:10 PDT 2007

If you want to sell merchandise, you need to go through all legally 
required forms.  If you want an ISBN, you need to buy it. If you want 
books printed, you need to go to some form of printer. If you want a 
copyright registered with the Copyright Office, you need to fill out the 

In short, yes, to run a business you need to work. I don't think that is 
any kind of problem. But my career has been for the past 24 years, and 
probably will be till I die, some form of writing, editing, and/or 

If all you want is to disseminate patterns to the SCA on a 
hobby/personal enjoyment basis, why not just post them on a website?

Lavolta Press

> Oh, the headache of going from simple SCA printing/dissemination to this?? 
> It all sounds like too much headache to me. It's worth it to *you*, because 
> you're a designer/author and definitely a small business, with ever 
> expanding product. I was only seeking to republish my ONE book and perhaps, 
> in the future, publish another (with a professional publisher).
> I suspect I will drop all thought of it, now. :-(
> --Kathryn
> SCA: Kathryn Goodwyn
> "too many centuries...too little time"

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